Toronto in 12 hours 6

Yes I know..A mere day wouldn’t have done justice to a city like Toronto. There’s so much to see and do in this flamboyant metropolis that a stay less than 72 hrs is just not done. I was helpless though. Toronto was the last minute addition in my itinerary of […]


Bath – In midst of England’s ’Georgian’ Masterpiece 6

It was during a walk back to my hotel near Hyde Park on a gloomy London evening, that a sudden and intense urge started creeping inside me. An urge to explore the real England; England that is just not limited to the hustle and bustle of its iconic capital, London. […]


Nasir Iqbal – The best Biryani in Delhi 6

Delhi is often described as the food capital of the country. And why not? It’s culinary history is what legends are made of.  The city perceives food not just as a necessity, but as a way of living. The centuries old traditions have managed to keep pace with the sands […]

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Luxury @ Wildflower Hall 10

What heights do you need to scale to experience luxury at it’s pinnacle?? The answer is 8250 ft. A short 30 min drive from Shimla on the Shimla-Kufri highway lead me into the fairy tale world of the Oberoi’s Wildflower hall. I was actually able to feel the sudden change […]


5 ways a trek changes your life 10

Trekking is my perfect idea of romancing with the mountains. The solitude, the serene valleys, gushing river streams, the gradual ascend, the depleting oxygen at every few steps…The whirlpool of these natural extravaganzas leaves my mind and soul with an everlasting and cascading effect. A trek has the ability to […]

The Legend of Jamali Kamali 8

There are places that enthral your conscience with their sheer buzz and electrifying atmosphere. And then, there are those that evoke your thought process just by the virtue of their mysterious silence. It was in the search of the latter that I started on my quest to unravel the puzzle […]


Manhattan Medley – The New York Memoirs

” Dream pleasantly; the dreams we hold onto, someday become a reality”. – Larissa Milne. N it certainly did … Being a hardcore travel enthusiast, my mind constantly wanders to all the corners of this mesmerizing world of ours. From the deep jungles of Amazon to the secluded beaches of […]


Tropical Sojourn – Trip to the Andaman Islands 13

Hidden getaways have always generated a sense of curiosity n excitement in me. White pristine beaches, serpentine roads cutting through dense evergreen forests, a land beaming with historical and anthropological significance. Well, such a fairytale showcase of ‘nature at it’s very best’ feeling, would make your mind, heart and soul […]