6 great monasteries of Sikkim & Darjeeling you shouldn’t miss!!! 2

I have always considered the great religion of Buddhism as a source of knowledge and self realization. The Buddhist monasteries have a certain sense of allure and mystery, that not only captivate your imagination, but also create a surrounding that harmonizes your thought process to its core.. During my visit […]


Khajuraho – Temples of Erotica or much more? 2

“They truly are the Temples of Love”, commented a guy standing at the main entrance. The naughty grin evident on his face clearly defined the thought process that he held the famed temples with.. It was with the hope of busting this very myth that I set my foot into […]


Pelling : Attractions and beyond…. 1

Pelling, according to me, can be described as the ‘Soul of Sikkim’. The sleepy little town, surrounded by thick alpine vegetation, and numerous waterfalls, possesses  a certain charm that gives it its own unique identity. The mighty Kanchenjunga, in close vicinity, keeps a constant vigil on the town, as if […]


4 reasons why I fell in love with the Maldives 2

I had always dreamt of getting lost in a tropical paradise. With nothing but the waves as a companion. With nobody but the seagulls to talk to. What a life would it be to live like Robinson Crusoe, at least for a few days… The isles of Maldives not only […]


Experiencing Divinity at Kandy’s ‘Temple of the Tooth’ 2

It was drizzling as I sat at the corner of the beautiful Kandy Lake. The setting was picture perfect. Overcast sky, a gentle breeze caressing the water of the pristine lake, flowers in full bloom. The sight of the ‘Temple of the Tooth relic’, located at the north end of […]


Toronto in 12 hours 6

Yes I know..A mere day wouldn’t have done justice to a city like Toronto. There’s so much to see and do in this flamboyant metropolis that a stay less than 72 hrs is just not done. I was helpless though. Toronto was the last minute addition in my itinerary of […]


Bath – In midst of England’s ’Georgian’ Masterpiece 6

It was during a walk back to my hotel near Hyde Park on a gloomy London evening, that a sudden and intense urge started creeping inside me. An urge to explore the real England; England that is just not limited to the hustle and bustle of its iconic capital, London. […]


Nasir Iqbal – The best Biryani in Delhi 6

Delhi is often described as the food capital of the country. And why not? It’s culinary history is what legends are made of.  The city perceives food not just as a necessity, but as a way of living. The centuries old traditions have managed to keep pace with the sands […]

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Luxury @ Wildflower Hall 10

What heights do you need to scale to experience luxury at it’s pinnacle?? The answer is 8250 ft. A short 30 min drive from Shimla on the Shimla-Kufri highway lead me into the fairy tale world of the Oberoi’s Wildflower hall. I was actually able to feel the sudden change […]