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7 Attractions around Delhi you shouldn’t miss !!

With its majestic demeanor and enamoring fashion, Delhi never leaves you bored. We have no doubts about insides of Delhi buzzing with charm and opulence. But the periphery is no short of surprises either, and is a roller coaster ride, fully packed with adventure and surprises. From towering snowclad peaks to the golden mounds of […]

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Fatehpur Sikri – My ‘Mulaqat’ with Akbar’s ‘14 year Capital’..

The great Jalal ud-din Akbar is considered one of the greatest and accomplished rulers ever to have ruled India. The basis of this conception is not only limited to his military accomplishments, but also for his vision for the overall social and cultural uplifment of the country. One of the areas which witnessed a major […]

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6 great monasteries of Sikkim & Darjeeling you shouldn’t miss!!!

I have always considered the great religion of Buddhism as a source of knowledge and self realization. The Buddhist monasteries have a certain sense of allure and mystery, that not only captivate your imagination, but also create a surrounding that harmonizes your thought process to its core.. During my visit to the beautiful Eastern Himalayan […]

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Experiencing Divinity at Kandy’s ‘Temple of the Tooth’

It was drizzling as I sat at the corner of the beautiful Kandy Lake. The setting was picture perfect. Overcast sky, a gentle breeze caressing the water of the pristine lake, flowers in full bloom. The sight of the ‘Temple of the Tooth relic’, located at the north end of the lake, was looking as […]

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Khajuraho – Temples of Erotica or much more?

“They truly are the Temples of Love”, commented a guy standing at the main entrance. The naughty grin evident on his face clearly defined the thought process that he held the famed temples with.. It was with the hope of busting this very myth that I set my foot into the famed ‘Western group of […]

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A Walk across the Ruins of Nalanda

And there I stood..right at the main gate. On the path leading into the realms of the bygone era..The eyes firmly fixed on the whirlpool of red bricks..The mind hoping to unravel the mysteries attached with the spot, once a a sacred site of an uninterrupted transmission of knowledge over a period of 800  years […]

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The Legend of Jamali Kamali

There are places that enthral your conscience with their sheer buzz and electrifying atmosphere. And then, there are those that evoke your thought process just by the virtue of their mysterious silence. It was in the search of the latter that I started on my quest to unravel the puzzle surrounding ‘Jamali Kamali’. The name […]

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