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6 reasons Why You Should Buy a Travel Insurance

While traveling overseas, unfortunate things can occur – you may lose your luggage, incur unexpected medical costs, get stuck at the airport, or may even miss your flight. By taking a travel insurance, you’re covering yourself against such risks. I sincerely feel it’s a precaution that every traveler must take before leaving his/her home country. I have […]

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Komandoo Island Resort & Spa – A Maldivian Rhapsody

I had always dreamt of a life ‘Cast Away’ on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. With only the unending turquoise warm waters to stare at. What a life would it be, spending the day soaking in the rays on a palm fringed stretch of white sand. With only the cool breeze and […]

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5 Best Spots to see the legendary New York Skyline

Awestruck.. Astonished.. Amazed.. If I had to perfectly depict my thoughts on the days spent in the Big Apple, then these three expressions would come the closest..It was always a dream to witness the glamour’s and fantasies of NYC ..N the dream did get accomplished.. The legendary New York skyline had always had a captivating […]

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The Best Day Trips from London – Part 2

A new day..a new beginning..And a new set of destinations.. The last day was hectic indeed. The majestic London night, along with the daylong excursion had taken a toll on the body..but certainly not on the spirits..And why not?? Today was a date planned with the crowning glories of the British history..a tete-a-tete with the […]

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The Best Day Trips from London – Part 1

Visiting London was not the sole objective of my English trip. I had always dreamt of exploring England in its fullest glory. I had always fantasized of venturing deep into the English heartland to come face to face with its candescent opulence, fabled history, glorious architecture, alluring countryside and the rich cultural delights.. Two full […]

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European delights: 6 countries you should visit

If you’re heading to Europe, you’re in for a treat. There are so many diverse countries, offering up sunny summer holidays, fun-packed weekends in the city, or enough adventure to thrill adrenaline junkies. But the choice can make it difficult to decide where to go first. To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered six […]

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My Top 7 Scotland Experiences

  Scotland was sheer magic… Apart from the famed scenic vistas and the Baronial architecture, what really grabbed my attention was the sense of mystery that had wrapped the entire landscape. Be it those piercing silhouettes of the bagpipes or the haunting sights of its misty highlands, the country kept on providing one marvel after […]

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4 reasons why I fell in love with the Maldives

I had always dreamt of getting lost in a tropical paradise. With nothing but the waves as a companion. With nobody but the seagulls to talk to. What a life would it be to live like Robinson Crusoe, at least for a few days… The isles of Maldives not only laid rest to these fantasies, […]

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Experiencing Divinity at Kandy’s ‘Temple of the Tooth’

It was drizzling as I sat at the corner of the beautiful Kandy Lake. The setting was picture perfect. Overcast sky, a gentle breeze caressing the water of the pristine lake, flowers in full bloom. The sight of the ‘Temple of the Tooth relic’, located at the north end of the lake, was looking as […]

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Toronto in 12 hours

Yes I know..A mere day wouldn’t have done justice to a city like Toronto. There’s so much to see and do in this flamboyant metropolis that a stay less than 72 hrs is just not done. I was helpless though. Toronto was the last minute addition in my itinerary of North America. The non refundable […]

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