A Walk across the Ruins of Nalanda

And there I stood..right at the main gate. On the path leading into the realms of the bygone era..The eyes firmly fixed on the whirlpool of red bricks..The mind hoping to unravel the mysteries attached with the spot, once a a sacred site of an uninterrupted transmission of knowledge over a period of 800  years […]

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The Legend of Jamali Kamali

There are places that enthral your conscience with their sheer buzz and electrifying atmosphere. And then, there are those that evoke your thought process just by the virtue of their mysterious silence. It was in the search of the latter that I started on my quest to unravel the puzzle surrounding ‘Jamali Kamali’. The name […]

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Nasir Iqbal – The best Biryani in Delhi

Delhi is often described as the food capital of the country. And why not? It’s culinary history is what legends are made of.  The city perceives food not just as a necessity, but as a way of living. The centuries old traditions have managed to keep pace with the sands of time and re-invent themselves […]

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