6 reasons Why You Should Buy a Travel Insurance

While traveling overseas, unfortunate things can occur – you may lose your luggage, incur unexpected medical costs, get stuck at the airport, or may even miss your flight. By taking a travel insurance, you’re covering yourself against such risks. I sincerely feel it’s a precaution that every traveler must take before leaving his/her home country. I have […]

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7 Attractions around Delhi you shouldn’t miss !!

With its majestic demeanor and enamoring fashion, Delhi never leaves you bored. We have no doubts about insides of Delhi buzzing with charm and opulence. But the periphery is no short of surprises either, and is a roller coaster ride, fully packed with adventure and surprises. From towering snowclad peaks to the golden mounds of […]

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A Glorious Day in Kasol

“Hurry up !! Get down fast !! The bus doesn’t stop for long in Bhuntar” !!! And it really didn’t. The bus zoomed away.. leaving me behind..At a corner of the serpentine bend..With the towering peaks of the Parvati Valley stamping their bemoaning presence on the other side of the gushing Beas. The backpack properly […]

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A Walk across the Ruins of Nalanda

And there I stood..right at the main gate. On the path leading into the realms of the bygone era..The eyes firmly fixed on the whirlpool of red bricks..The mind hoping to unravel the mysteries attached with the spot, once a a sacred site of an uninterrupted transmission of knowledge over a period of 800  years […]

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Komandoo Island Resort & Spa – A Maldivian Rhapsody

I had always dreamt of a life ‘Cast Away’ on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. With only the unending turquoise warm waters to stare at. What a life would it be, spending the day soaking in the rays on a palm fringed stretch of white sand. With only the cool breeze and […]

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5 Best Spots to see the legendary New York Skyline

Awestruck.. Astonished.. Amazed.. If I had to perfectly depict my thoughts on the days spent in the Big Apple, then these three expressions would come the closest..It was always a dream to witness the glamour’s and fantasies of NYC ..N the dream did get accomplished.. The legendary New York skyline had always had a captivating […]

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5 reasons why Hampta Pass is the quintessential moderate Himalayan trek

  “We are sorry to announce that all our Kashmir Great Lakes batches have been cancelled due to the ongoing security issues in the valley”!!!! The mail from Indiahikes was a cruel blow to the dreams that I had been delicately weaving for the past three months, about my pending rendezvous with the surreal Kashmir […]

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The Best Day Trips from London – Part 2

A new day..a new beginning..And a new set of destinations.. The last day was hectic indeed. The majestic London night, along with the daylong excursion had taken a toll on the body..but certainly not on the spirits..And why not?? Today was a date planned with the crowning glories of the British history..a tete-a-tete with the […]

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The Best Day Trips from London – Part 1

Visiting London was not the sole objective of my English trip. I had always dreamt of exploring England in its fullest glory. I had always fantasized of venturing deep into the English heartland to come face to face with its candescent opulence, fabled history, glorious architecture, alluring countryside and the rich cultural delights.. Two full […]

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My Love Affair with Landour…

Its 9 am here in Landour and the daily life has begun in its full mayhem. A squirrel is shooting across the road and has disappeared into the bushes. The soothing rays of the sun are finding an arduous task to somehow find a way to penetrate underneath a blanket of towering deodars. The mist […]

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