6 reasons Why You Should Buy a Travel Insurance

Finding a way in London, England

While traveling overseas, unfortunate things can occur – you may lose your luggage, incur unexpected medical costs, get stuck at the airport, or may even miss your flight. By taking a travel insurance, you’re covering yourself against such risks. I sincerely feel it’s a precaution that every traveler must take before leaving his/her home country. I have personally come across travelers not considering it before, and regretting their decision when things go wrong !!

 London, England

London, England

While globetrotting around the world, I have frequently come across fellow travelers getting stuck in unfortunate events, undergoing hardships, resulting in a wastage of their precious time, money and peace of mind. So, based on my own travel experiences, I have narrowed down following six situations, where a travel insurance might come extremely handy.


  1. Medical Emergency

Imagine needing emergency medical attention in a foreign country – you may not be able to communicate with doctors, and will most likely have to pay a fortune for treatment. A travel insurance plan covers you for your medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling.


    2. Claim your Cancellation

Be it technical issues or strikes, you could miss your connecting flight ,or in the worst case, fail to take off from your home country in the first place. Rescheduled or cancelled flights can ruin the best made travel plans. Travel insurance covers you for these expenses so that your trip doesn’t turn out to be an expensive affair.

New York

New York


   3. Replacement of Lost or Stolen Bags

Losing your luggage or having it stolen is quite common while traveling abroad. Such unfortunate events may wreak havoc on your plan if your lost luggage contained some expensive item. A Travel insurance takes care of the reimbursement of such expenses.


   4. Personal Liability

If you are involved in an accident, or accidentally cause damage and are held accountable for the same, travel insurance can cover your liability and legal expenses too.





   5. Loss of Passport

What if when you’re getting ready to leave, or are in the middle of your trip, and your passport is lost or stolen? It could spell a disaster for your travel plans. Travel insurance comes handy during such times. You can quickly get in touch with your travel insurance company, seek advice and secure a replacement.

(What to do if you don’t have travel insurance and loose your passport. Check this guide.)


   6. Legal Liability

Third party civil claims for accidental injury or accidental property damage incurred by you are compensated with a travel insurance policy.


So travel peeps !! When are you getting your’s??? 

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