5 Best Spots to see the legendary New York Skyline





If I had to perfectly depict my thoughts on the days spent in the Big Apple, then these three expressions would come the closest..It was always a dream to witness the glamour’s and fantasies of NYC ..N the dream did get accomplished..

The legendary New York skyline had always had a captivating spell on me the moment I saw a glimpse of it on the TV screen or in any journal..N believe me, standing in front of it felt even better. I got dwarfed, and would remain in awe forever..

From what I experienced firsthand, these are the 5 places where u need to go to marvel at the NYC skyline in its fullest glory:


  1. Brooklyn Park & Promenade


Undoubtedly, THE PLACE TO GO !!!! With nothing but the Brooklyn River between you and the iconic vistas of the Lower Manhattan, it cant get any better than this..And how about the iconic Brooklyn Bridge at an arms distance for a company!!!

Climb some stairs and witness the same scenery with a different angle..Brooklyn Heights happens to be a residential area, so you’ll find a lot of locals coming in for their evening walks on the promenade. And believe me, there wont be any better place for an evening walk anywhere on earth either..


I would suggest you to walk down to the extreme left of the street. From here you can get the complete NYC panorama in one frame. Statue of Liberty on the left, the Lower Manhattan skyscrapers in the middle, the Brooklyn Bridge next, and the crowning jewels of Midtown, the Empire State Building and the Chrysler on the extreme right..

Location : Cross the Brooklyn Bridge, and get down towards the right.


  1. Top of the Rock


The perfect bird’s eye view of NYC..When you have the iconic Empire State Building right in the front, and the splendid views of the Central Park from the back, you know you are in for a treat.


Located on the 70th floor of the Rockefeller Center, the observatory provides a 360 degree panoramic view of the Midtown and Downtown areas of New York. You can also spot the stunning art deco Chrysler Building on the left, just behind the Met Life building..


I reached on top around 5.30 pm when the sun was still shining bright..It solved two purposes. I witnessed the spectacle in its both avatars. The city looked stunning in broad daylight, and gradually as it grew darker, the lights and flashes made the setting even more surreal..

Location : Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue


  1. Liberty Island

IMG_3160 (1)

Its not just the spot, but the entire journey that makes the Liberty Island a perfect place to sigh at the stunning glimpses of the Lower Manhattan skyline. Make sure you grab the first floor seat of the ferry. It takes not more than 10 minutes to reach the island, and as you go further, the gradual change in the size of the skyscrapers is a sight to behold.

27 (1)

Once you reach the island, take a circle, get those iconic pictures clicked in front of Lady Liberty, and go to the other side. This is a great spot to just lie down on the grass, give your back a rest, and engage in a conversation with the uninterrupted views of the Lower Manhattan across the Brooklyn.

Location : Ferry starts from Battery Park


  1. Central Park

Central park is an oasis, a green heart of New York City. The park is a 843 acre green space including serene lakes, forests, beautiful bridges, and yes; great options to spot those majestic skyline views!!

But don’t worry. I won’t ask you to cover the entire 843 acre to search for that perfect spot! Head straight to three places: Sheep Meadow, the Pond and the Lake.


Sheep Meadow is a vast green field popular among the local New Yorkers, who flock here to soak up the sun and play Frisbee. And the amazing background of the Midtown skyline provides the perfect reason to lie beneath the shades, gaze at the majestic vistas, and enjoy the art of slow travel at its very best..

The beautiful Pond on the southeast corner of the park is another spot not to be missed. The Gaptsow Bridge over the pond, along with the iconic Plaza Hotel in the background will certainly be the click of your lifetime.


Just besides the famous Bow Bridge lies the famous Lake. You could rent a boat if the time permits, or just laze off the bank, and enjoy the scenery..

Location : Midtown


  1. Empire State Building

Probably the most iconic attraction of NYC..Similar to the Top of the Rock, it boasts of observatories; one on the 86th floor and the other, even higher on the 102nd..


The views are great indeed, especially the clear view of the Chrysler. But personally, if I had to choose one between the two, I would go for Top of the Rock! TOTR is at a lower height, but the overall better 360 degree views more than make up for it.

Firstly, you can marvel at the ESB from TOTR, but can’t do it if you are on top of the ESB itself. Secondly, being nearer, the view of Central Park from TOTR is simply spell bounding, much much better than that from the ESB.


But having said that, you just simply cannot think of missing the ESB experience. Just the thought of being on top of this iconic structre is enough to give you goosebumps.

And I simply couldn’t stop myself from peeping up, just to find whether King Kong’s still hanging up there!!!

Location : 5th Avenue, Midtown



Apart from the above mentioned spots based on my personal experiences, you could also try the foll. places, which I have heard, provide some stunning views too:

  • Manhattan by Sail
  • Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, Queens
  • The View, New York Marriott Marquis
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • The Brooklyn Barge
  • Rooftop, Metropolian Museum of Art
  • The High line




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